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There’s been plenty of buzz in the last year or two about virtual book tours and book blog tours. (“Why Writers Need Bloggers“)

The idea is simple, and the reach is potentially broad and deep. And enduring. Unlike the now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t book tour spotlight, a well executed book blog campaign doesn’t fizzle the moment the event occurs. If your book is well received on a visible blog with a loyal readership, there’s potential for a short term bump in book sales.

So far, not so different from a traditional book tour. And if the blogger’s tribe takes a liking to your book and re-blogs your book, there’s an opportunity to fuel the buzz in much the same way that a well executed book tour might.

But this is where the similarity ends. Unlike a book tour which fades quickly beneath a mound of newer, hotter, trendier book tours, the blog posts showcasing (and ideally celebrating and recommending) your book endure. They become an extension of your author platform. They may continue to attract attention of other bloggers, other readers, old school media. They may continue to rank well in search results and get quoted online, in print, etc. Not bad for a considerably less expensive and more time flexible alternative to traditional book tours.

But, where to begin? You might want to start with this megalist of book bloggers compiled and shared on Facebook yesterday by Nova Sparks:

Wow! And I’m sure there are plenty more out there every day. I can’t vouch firsthand for this list, but you may find gold here. And if you do, you just might want to show Nova Sparks some love! Good luck.

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